I remember showing this on IG stories a few months back but I didn’t have the time to share more about it.
This is a Neuro-Electro Vascular Stimulation treatment for my nerve inflammation and sciatica pain.
This has helped many who suffered from stroke, migraine, and many more.
Some of you commented a while ago that it looks painful but trust me it’s not. It’s the most relaxing 30 mins ever. Basically, the current will send a signal to your body to repair itself (most layman explanation; Dr. Anusha explains it best scientifically)
Before this treatment, I used to get sudden sharp pains all over my body & long lingering pain in my arms and I used to suffer so mush while at work, because no matter how much pain I felt, I couldn’t stop the treatment halfway because I always feel the sense of responsibility and professionalism towards my clients.
It finally came to a point where it got so bad, I resorted to acupuncture but that was bad because I had to rest my arms fully for 2 weeks post treatment and that meant no income for me.
It was until my massage therapist friend who recently suffered a stroke and lost her mobility and strength, and she went for this treatment and gained back 80% strength & 100% mobility immediately after the first treatment.
I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant at first because how could such a simple stimulation do that for her right?
Well, right after my first session I could no longer feel the lingering pain in my arms and I could massage 4 clients after that with no problems at all.
I’ve been for a total of 10 treatment (if I recall correctly) and this has been a game changer. Dr. Anusha managed to change my life just like that. She’s a holistic doctor and rarely pushes western medicine. Apart from that, her rates are extremely affordable. I only pay about RM90 each time (for full body) and the results were so much better than anything I’ve ever done before.
If you’re tired of western medicine, and are looking for something more holistic, please look for Dr. Anusha from Kelinik Genga (Taman Paramount). She’s the best and I promise you won’t regret it.
I don’t mind the distance because every time that I go, I am never disappointed.
Dr Gengga and Dr Anusha are the best doctors in this world. The first time that I went there in 2009 after a recommendation by a friend, the clinic was jammed packed with people from all over Malaysia, seeking the Microwave Treatment and for other health consultations.After following their advice and adhering to their vitamins regime, all I can say is that I will trust them with my life.
My diabetic is ok now and is not suffering from any side effects of diabetics. I also observed that any sickness that no other doctor can identify, they could and they are always right about it and most importantly, they can fix it. I don’t mind the distance because every time that I go, I am never disappointed. I highly recommend this clinic!
Fifi Farah
Highly recommended.
Very kind and helpful.
I think I found a solution for my dizziness problem after so many years of suffering. I will know the outcome of after 1 month. Highly recommended!
DR. Anusha is very caring and she one of the best doctors who goes all out to help you.
Visit her soon for aches and pain.
Ayreen Wong
Both Drs Anusha and Avin are true gems. During the MCO, I desperately needed to see a doctor that truly understood my eczema condition and have it fixed (I’ve had my fair share of being charged exorbitant consultation prices in the past and medication that I didn’t need / ineffective). It didn’t help that it was over the Easter weekend that my condition worsen and so I dropped Dr Anusha a message. Willingly she replied and consulted accordingly and said the clinic would be open on Monday for me to come by. Dr Avin was there when I arrived, equally as willing to listen, understand the problem and treat it. The sudden breakout has since cleared but more importantly I would be returning the next time although it’s not on my usual route. Dr Anusha even dropped me a message a week after to check if my condition had improved. My genuine thanks.
Janet Lam
Went there last year upon recomendation for wound treatment.Dr Genga treated me and wound cured very well..Before i went to see Dr Genga i was admitted in Klang GH and the Dr there told me to amputate my toe..i discharged myself and started treatment with Dr Genga n i am glad and grateful to Dr Genga for saving my toe.
Catherine Aloyesus
4 months ago, I was treated at Clinic Genga for psoriasis. I do not think such a small clinic would be able to cure me, however, I give it a try. Just after 4th treatment, no more flares up. On my 6th treatment, I have improved so much.
I thanked God for Dr. Anusha and Dr.Arwin. I believe that we met not by accident. God has sent you to cure me.
Thank you so much.
All glory to God!
Carolyn The
Diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis.. living with pain more then 10 years.. few treatments and seeing big changes.. lesser pain and more movement.. thank u.
Nithi Sree
I walked in with a shoulder/back injury. I could barely move! pain levels off the charts.Dr. Anusha and her team stood by me, and worked tirelessly on me fixing me up. By the time I left, I was able to stand upright again.
It is rare to find such heartfelt compassionate dedication such as Klinik Genga. The service is truly For humanity.
God Bless you Dr. Genga for such a blessed method, Dr Anusha for your loving dedication and the whole team for your supportive care.
Chitrah Karthigayan
I highly recommend this clinic!
Great electric wave treatment especially for those who hv suffered frm stroke….followed by vitamins, no medicine needed. 🙂
Fifi Farah
Dr.Anusha is a very humble and sweet doctor.The way she talks can make you feel better and half the battle won.Strongly reccommend this heaven as they have good solution for many medical issues.Keep up the good work Dr.
Ameah Mavis
Friendly and helpful staff. The clinic is always clean. And the most importantly, the treatment really work on me and improved my medical condition. Tq Dr Anusha!
Insyirah Abdul Malik
I use to go here since I was small. I can feel good vibe the moment I entered the clinic, the doctor and the front staff was so helpful. Quality of the medicine Very caring and responsible doctor thanks for sharing the knowledge and thanks for curing my sickness. Highly recommended.
Lashminia Leena
I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 14. After married for 3yrs, I tried to get conceive naturally but obviously I can’t. Did IUI several times and spent almost 30K for my fertility treatment. Finally, me and my husband decided to go for IVF. During the process of saving money for IVF, I met Dr. Genga for my mother’s treatment at his clinic. Then got to know, that he treats infertility as well. So, I started the treatment and in a year I got pregnant. Now, my daughter is 4yrs old. I even recommended few friends to his clinic, and some of them successfully conceive. Currently, I am back to him for my 2nd child.
Logamathi Boykamalan
I had eczema since early last year and had seen a dermatologist for a couple of months. I was given all types of topical steroids. It worked like magic, my skin would clear up pretty quickly with no trace of scars. But as fast as it vanished, it always makes a comeback – with a vengeance. Each time it did, I fought back with stronger dose of steroids. It was a war against each other. Finally, when all failed, I was prescribed with the strongest weapon – steroids in oral form. I finally gave up on steroids when I lost the battle. By then, certain parts of my skin had thinned out a lot due to constant application of steroids and I had a bad steroid withdrawal symptom. In my search for a more safe and natural treatment, I went through TCM (which cost me an arm and a leg), acupuncture, food abstinence (the famous no gluten, no dairy, no nuts diet, no egg diet) and various types of cream application.
During the beginning of MCO, my eczema declared total war on me. Whenever I flared up, its always at my stomach area. Occasionally at other areas although it was quite rare. But this time, it came in a truckload of army, attacking my entire body without mercy. The sight was scary, depressing and embarrassing as it was at my face too. (thank goodness for masks) Simple functions like bathing, lying down, sitting and sleeping became difficult and uncomfortable. I was in constant itch and pain from scratching. I hated taking a bath as it would dry out my skin even more resulting in more itchiness and my skin would also hurt when I bath due to my constant scratching. Sleep was impossible. While the world was fighting with Coronavirus, I was fighting with my own body. I felt helpless and finally my prayers led me to Dr Anusha at Klinik Genga. One of her family member had eczema before so she would treat her patients like how she treated her own family – in a safe and natural way. I went through 8 therapies and a few follow up sessions. For medication it was all supplements.
It has been a couple of months now since my last treatment. I am still taking my supplements and watching my diet. (I used to go overboard with spicy food) My skin had cleared up, I am not afraid to bath anymore and I can sleep through the night now. All these simple functions which I used to take for granted, I thank God for being able to do it. I didn’t heal fast like magic (magic is illusion anyway), as safe and natural ways would take a bit more time and patience.
I thank God for leading my way here. Dr Anusha is sincere and passionate in helping her patients and the staff here are great too. They are friendly, informative, helpful and one of them who is an Indian lady even speaks Hokkien better than me! And oh, it doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg to seek the treatment here.
Evelyn Loh
Always able to give the best solution to the problem I am having and treats me like family!
Aaron Matthew
Is the place where God works to heal people.
Mike MK