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Dr. Gangadaran Bio

Dr. Gangadaran is the founder and proprietor of Kelinik Genga, which he established in 1979. He graduated with MBBS from Government Medical College, Kashmir in 1971 and subsequently joined government medical practice in Malaysia for 5 years which included a stint as State Malariologist in Pahang as well as Registrar of the Surgical Unit at Melaka Hospital. He then moved to the private sector and worked in clinics before setting up his own practice.

His mission has always been to ensure the total wellbeing of his patients by going deeper than just addressing the symptoms that a particular ailment presents, but to understand and treat the reason behind the symptoms so that the patient does not suffer relapses and is brought back to full health.

Dr. Gangadaran’s research into alternative modes of treatment that could be practiced alongside allopathic medicine led him to pioneer the Electro-Neuro-Vascular Stimulation treatment for which he has earned a PhD (First Division) from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, subsequently achieving a Gold Medal for this research. His interest and research continue into the areas of diabetic ulcer treatment without amputation, natural remedies for ascites and cirrhosis, treatments for kidney failure, non-invasive cardiac treatment and alternate treatment methods for rheumatoid arthritis.

He is joined at the practice by his children, Dr. Anusha Nair and Dr. Avinaash Nair.