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Dr. Avinaash Nair Bio

Dr. Avinnash Nair joined Kelinik Genga in 2019, having graduated from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical Collage, Belgaum, India in 2013 with MBBS. Dr. Avinaash began his medical career serving the underprivileged in the rural settings of India, utilising only basic healthcare facilities available while providing the best care possible.

Following his return to Malaysia, he was posted to Sabah to serve as Houseman at Queen Elizabeth Hospital from 2015 and was part of a team that provided triage and field management for earthquake victims in Ranau. He returned to the mainland and joined the Neurosurgical Department in Hospital Sungai Buluh as MO, during which time he was able to assist in complex surgical procedures.

Dr. Avinaash has a keen interest in Aesthetic and Dermatology and is pursuing further studies in this specialism.