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Discover the benefits of Neuro-Electro-Vascular Stimulation at Klinik Genga in Petaling Jaya. Learn how our holistic treatment can improve gut health and address various ailments like strokes, migraines, and more.

Have you ever heard of the saying, ‘Going Full Circle’? Fashion goes out, then comes back into style. Government policies are ousted and then later brought back in when leaders change. People lived more naturalistic lifestyles, but eventually, modernisation caused unanticipated issues of pollution and health risks, turning us back towards nature as we try to understand how it operates and how to protect it.

Almost the same can be said about medicine. At the dawn of history, ailments were treated with medicinal plants and spiritual rituals. The person’s body and spirit were viewed as one and the belief was that healing could be attained by addressing the issue holistically. For instance, healing in ancient Rome was attained through a combination of ingesting herbs and invoking the gods through prayers and chants.

Illustration of an ancient Central American healing practice called Curandero incorporating herbal remedies and spiritual rituals.
Image from The Humanities Collective

Fast forward to modern medicine today and treatments are primarily aimed at alleviating symptoms. A simplified example is if a rash appears, we apply a topical cream to alleviate the itch and redness. While much credit must be given to the strides science has taken to prolong human life, more can be done to understand the root causes behind ailments, to address sickness at its source.

Much more has been uncovered around gut health and how a healthy gut biome can heal or prevent other ailments. A Netflix series ‘Hack Your Health – The Secrets of Your Gut’ reveals how modern science is now leaning more towards preventative therapy, especially understanding the importance of healthy eating.

The Cleveland Clinic has noted that more information passes between the gut and the brain than any other body-system. Some even call the gut the ‘second brain’, for instance, when we base a decision on a ‘gut-feeling’. Emotions are also strongly felt in the gut, for instance when you feel nervous, you have butterflies in your tummy or when you experience anxiety it could manifest through Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Science is only now starting to uncover the complexity of the microbiome in the gut and figure out how it affects our overall health.

A healthy or unhealthy gut subsequently impacts every organ in the body. Once food is consumed, a healthy gut is able extract nutrients by enabling the Krebs Cycle for cellular energy production and oxygenation which is distributed to the body through the respiratory system. The Krebs Cycle produces pyruvic acid momentarily before it is processed, changed and used in the energy production process. However, if the Krebs Cycle is not working properly, this pyruvate isn’t changed or utilised but instead stays within the system, causing the body to become hyper-acidic. This is when disease occurs as an overly acidic or anaerobic environment exists at the cellular level, hindering the production of energy and oxygen for all body systems.

Krebs Cycle image taken from LinkedIn Simon John Davies FRSB Hon.FIAS’ post.

Neuro-Electro-Vascular Stimulation, the proprietary treatment developed by Doctor Gangadaran at Klinik Genga, along with our unique combination of supplements and dietary regulation aims to heal the gut by reversing ultra-acidic environments in the stomach to enable good bacteria to thrive and ultimately restart the Krebs Cycle. This in turn brings back energy and oxygenation to the cells present in all the body systems, providing holistic recovery and healing. As such, our treatments can have a hugely positive effect on ailments such as gastritis, eczema and psoriasis.

Neuro-Electro-Vascular Stimulation is also able to address ailments of the nervous system such as strokes and migraines through the stimulation of nerves and circulation of oxygenated cells in the blood. This stimulation also generates antibodies which help to thwart the over-production of histamines brought on through reactions from various environments or unsuitable diets – this helps to ease ailments such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, thyroid and other hormonal imbalances. Learn more about the services we provide here.

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