Allergies; the Effects and How to Attain Long Term Relief

Pollen, dust, fur, shell-fish etc…the list goes on for the number of allergens and allergies created by them. Reactions can be mild or severe and can affect the nose, eyes, throat, skin, and breathing. Those suffering from long term allergies can even develop infections, asthma hives and more if allergy symptoms are not treated quickly.

It can be really difficult to deal with allergies when they occur too frequently. Sufferers have to manage the irritation, pain and discomfort and develop the best approach for their own bodies to relieve their symptoms fast.

Many resort to using antihistamines to suppress the symptoms. But this can only be a short-term solution and not one that can be administered on a long-term basis due to the strong side effects of antihistamines such as drowsiness and dizziness. A wholistic approach is really necessary to help the sufferer manage their allergy symptoms on a more long-term basis.

What triggers allergy symptoms? A protein called an antibody is aimed at the allergen and when they combine, some chemicals are released including histamine (which causes inflammation- swelling, redness, itching – where it is released). The body creates and stores this histamine, ready for release when necessary. There are histamines that are present externally in food as well. Fish that are not gutted after they are freshly caught, shellfish, berries such as strawberries and raspberries, tomatoes, tree fruits such as apricots, cherries and plums, as well as some vegetables such as aubergine and pumpkin which produce histamine during the ripening process. When these types of foods are ingested, the combination of internal and external histamines can lead to extreme allergic reactions.

Histamine has a strong reaction to acid secretion, especially so in the stomach, indicated by the high levels of histamine in gastric mucosa. With the additional release of acids from histamine rich foods, further acid secretion in the gut is stimulated, which if prolonged, can lead to gastritis and other ailments. This excess acid is carried into the blood stream, causing hyper acidity in the blood. In this case malabsorption occurs, where nutrients are not able to reach other organs and functionalities. The patient may end up with more serious ailments further down the line due to this imbalance. If this type of environment is prolonged, the patient’s metabolic cycle changes as well from being optimal to sub-par. The patient may be more likely to suffer from fatigue, muscle aches, loss of muscle protein and even psoriasis all of which are symptoms of a dysfunctional Kreb’s cycle (the optimal metabolic cycle).

It is a domino effect that can be halted. With the right diet (less or nil histamine rich foods), vitamin supplements, by treating the gut to neutralize the histamine levels and acids and through the uniquely developed treatment called Electro-Neuro-Vascular Stimluation at Kelinik Genga, allergies and their symptoms can be drastically reduced for the patient on a more permanent basis.

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